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Review - MUA Prow Brow Kit

Review - MUA Prow Brow Kit

I must admit that I am not a brow addict at all. I pluck my brows once a week and they are a dark brown (I have light brown hair)and not very sparse so if i'm honest, i don't desperately need to fill them in but when I do, I much prefer to use a powder and an angled liner brush as I find it is easier to avoid applying too much product and gives a more natural look.

So this is the MUA Prow Brow Kit which comes with two brow colours, a darker brown and a lighter brown, some brow wax,a little two sided angled brush and a mini tweezer all housed in a cute little box. The box is ok not anything special thought but I do find that the two tools do start jangling about a bit when I have the kit in my makeup bag so I'd say do take a bit of care when travelling with this kit.

 This little kit only comes in one shade variation but unlike other reviews, I think that this kit would suit all coloured brows except maybe blonde brows as the lightest shade may come across slightly orangey. So if you have light brows, you can just use the lightest shade and if you have darker brows than that, you can mix in with the lightest shade a bit of the darkest shade which is what I do and then  if you have really dark brown to black brows, you can use the darkest shade which would do for somebody with black brows as it is rather dark. The brow powders just all about last all day on my now dry skin but they may start to fade on an oily complexion but I find that when I do use the wax, my brows do last just a little bit better so if you have oily skin it might be a good idea for you to use the brow set aswell as the powder!

The wax to set your brows with is a nice thing to have in the set. I don't use it everyday however but when I do use a brow set, I really like this one because it's nice and lightweight and doesn't feel too heavy on the skin like some brow sets do. To use it, I just take a small amount on my angled brow brush and comb it through my brows to mould them into the shape that I want them in. And the highlight is also quite nice and pigmented. It's slightly darker than I would usually go for in a highlight but still a nice little feature in the set.

What makes this product so good for someone 'on the go' is the nice big mirror included and also the little tweezers which are nice and sharp to my suprise which means you can quickly get rid of any stray hairs that just need a little pluck. I don't really use the brush that goes with this as I find it a little too small and also a bit scratchy aswell so I use my regular angled liner brush which I find easier to work with but if I didn't have my usual brush with me, the brush included would be fine to use, it's not too bad!

Overall, this is a lovely little kit. It's great for girls on the go with all that's included and the big mirror but do be careful as the packaging may be a bit rouge but should fine if you're gentle with it. The brow powders help my brows to look fuller and just generally a bit more groomed so I would recommend this!

You can purchase this here for £3.50


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