Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Review - MUA Primer

Review - MUA Primer

Like most girls, I say oh I'm going to wear primer every single day but that usually lasts for a week as it's just another step in my routine that takes time and effort but I wanted to be able to tell you guys if this MUA primer was up to anything.

The packaging of this is really really nice and makes the product look more expensive which is always a plus! It's a little squeezy tube thing with a very nice 'squirter' which gives out a nice amount of product.

The consistency of this is thinner than most other primers and didn't have that funny silicone feeling when blended in like most primers have which made me wonder whether this would work or not. It's a white liquid and doesn't really smell of much at all.

I have been applying this every morning after my moisturiser. But this doesn't really work very well as after this, my pores feel too full of product which makes my foundation really hard to blend in with my fingertips. It makes my skin however feel moisturiser which is always nice.

If I'm honest , this didn't really extend the wear time of my makeup at all so as a primer it's not effective. But I think this could be used as a moisturiser before foundation instead as this combined with a moisturiser is too much.

As a primer, no this didn't do the job but it did moisturise. So if you have this and find it doesn't work as a primer, then try it as a moisturiser, it may well work for you. But if your looking for a primer to prolong your makeup, then I would not recommend this!\
You can purchase this here for £4

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