Wednesday, 8 July 2015

L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation

If you've been reading Beauty and the Budget for a long time, you'll know I've tried a fair few budget foundations in my time with a bulging, draw of foundations that are too dark or too heavy for my skin to show for it. But despite this, I've added yet another base to that long, old list with a purchase of the L'Oreal Infallible Matte foundation but this time, this foundation has avoided being placed into the infamous draw and has instead, made it's place onto the top of my dressing table as a bit of a favorite. Here's why..

L'Oreal calls their infallible foundation a matte, long lasting and heavy coverage base and I would have to agree with all three of those claims. The highly pigmented formula means you only need a little of the foundation for a full face with a coverage that hides redness really well and covers most of those spots with only a little concealer needed on the worst offenders. In therms of finishes, I usually opt for a more dewy foundation so I can really notice that this foundation gives a very matte finish with most shine being masked which although is quite nice for an evening when you may care less about your makeup being really natural but for day to day, I do miss the dewiness so I always make sure to pop a bit of highlighter on as well.

Even though I do still mourn the loss of the natural shine, the matte finish of L'Oreal's base does mean that this stuff doesn't budge and it easily seems to last all day on my skin without feeling heavy or thick which can be pretty hard to find in a budget base.

L'Oreal, you've done good with this foundation and any girls out there who love a heavier and more long lasting base that doesn't budge, this is certainly one to give a little investigation to next time you're strolling the beauty aisles of Boots.

Beauty and the Budget

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