Thursday, 16 July 2015

Soap and Glory Cosmetics I The Best & Worst

Who doesn't love a bit of Soap & Glory? If the vintage inspired packaging and heavenly smelling products isn't enough, most of the products I've tried from the brand have been really good at doing their job  and now, when I'm in need of some more makeup, the S&G stand is one of my first stops! If you haven't tried an y makeup from the brand here before, have a little read of this post as I take you through some of my favourite bits from the line as well as a few that aren't worth popping in your basket..

Starting on the more positive side of things, the Archery Brow Pencil that S&G do is definitely up there with one of the best brow pencils I've tried. Although the shade range is not so strong with only two colours to pick from, I luckily found that the shade hot chocolate suits my dark brown well. The nib of the pencil is really small which makes it really easy to create brow like strokes through your brows and keep things natural looking. The pencil isn't too pigmented that you end up with two big slugs above your eyes but instead, has just another colour to get a bit more definition. I'd have to say I've fallen pretty hard for this brow pencil, it's the only one I found that suits my brows and isn't too heavy from the drugstore since I ran out of my last Sephora brow definer love.

Next up on the love side of things is the Solar Powder Bronzer which I raved about just a little in this post if you want a more in depth review. Basically - this little compact has two sides, a lighter bronze shade and a darker bronze shade with both being predominantly matte with only a tiny bit of shimmer that barely translates onto the skin which I don't mind - no disco ball bronzing thanks! Anyway, the mix of two bronze shades makes this a really nice option if you have paler skin as neither of the two shades come off as too orange toned and instead just warm up your skin when swept all over your face.

The Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Lacquer came included in the big S&G set that the brand does every Christmas and I've really enjoyed using it since. Charm Offensive is a very nice muted mauve shade that is somewhere between a bright and nude lip colour. The formula is pretty gloopy and thick and gives a very shiny finish which would be good if you're a fan of that, but I prefer matte lips so I always blot the lip lacquer and then pop a bit of powder to keep things matte and reduce the risk of any lipstick on teeth kind of situations. The lipstick lasts pretty well also and tends to stick around for a few hours especially with a bit of powder over the top so it really is another good'un from S&G!

Soap and Glory's Kick Ass concealer was one of the first products that I tried from Soap and Glory. It's basically a translucent powder and then two concealer shades all put into one handy little kit that you can keep on you for touch ups throughout the day. I love the translucent powder that this set comes with, it completely banishes any excess shine for the whole day but the translucent colour doesn't make you look really pale either, a big winner in my book.. The two concealer shades in this kit (one a pink colour for under the eyes and the other more yellow toned for blemishes) are also nice, they are well pigmented and they are quite creamy in texture making it easy to blend into your skin. The only thing I'm not too big a fan of is that this stuff does tend to crease quite badly especially under your eyes which can give the look of fine lines which I don' try to create! I've even tried setting the concealer with the powder but it just doesn't quite do the trick so if you're really not feeling a creasy concealer, I think you can buy the Kick Ass powder separately and I'd definitely say that's worth a try!

The last product from S&G is a bit more of a some people will love it, some people may not kind of thing but unfortunately, I;m not a huge of this one, and it is the Thick & Fast Mascara. I think the main reason I'm not mad on this mascara is that the brush is so big, like it's bigger than both my eyes put together! A big brush also means that although this does make your lashes look really long and dark, things do tend to get pretty clumpy which I know some people like, but I just find a bit much for day to day. If this mascara does sound like your kind of thing and you prefer big, dramatic lashes with lots of mascara on, the Thick & Fast may just be your new fave but for those of you who like a little more natural mascara, I'd say maybe skip on this one.

Overall, Soap and Glory have pretty much come up trumps with their makeup with only a few products that I'm not 100% sold on but I'm still up for trying more and if you have any good recommendations, I'm all ears!

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