Monday, 13 July 2015

The Budget Bronzer

Bronzing can be a pretty tricky thing to master when you're skin tones is at the paler end of things but after hearing both Anna (Vivianna Does Makeup) and Lily (Lily Pebbles) both confessed their love for Soap and Glory's Solar Powder Bronzer, I knew I had to give it a little try.

Housed in the standard, adorable Soap and Glory packaging (which also feels really secure) is the Solar Powder which has a lighter and darker bronze shade with the lighter shade having a very slight hint of glitter whilst the darker side is completely matte. The different shades of bronze make this bronzer really adjustable to your skin tone so for me and my tan-free zone skin, I just use the lighter shade but when I've been hitting the fake bake, I whip up a bit of both of the shades on a large fluffy brush and spread it all over my face (no complicated contouring here!)

Both of the shades of bronze are well pigmented but not so much that it's hard not to overdo the bronze and end up with two stripes down your face. The bronzer also lasts pretty well, perhaps not all day but still for a good few hours before it needs a little top up which sees the mirror in the compact coming into good use, clever Soap and Glory!

All of Anna and Lily's enabling has really paid with their recommendations of this bronzer as it's become a product that I reach for pretty much every day when I want to warm up my skin to a shade that's slightly less milk-resembling.

Beauty and the Budget


  1. I keep seeing these Soap & Glory makeup products pop up everywhere and I STILL haven't gone over to Boots to check them out!

    Great post! x


    1. Thank you! Soap and Glory do some really good makeup, their brow pencil and mascara is really good as well, worth a try! x