Thursday, 13 August 2015

Bourjois Velvet Rouge Edition Lipsticks I Review

(Top to Bottom: Don't Pink of It!, So Hap'pink it, Hot Pepper)

In most makeup purchasing situations, I tend to have some sort of excuse for spending far too much money but in the case of buying three new lipsticks, other than the thought of seeing them all identical and symmetrical on top of my dressing table, there really was no excuse. Buut.. having said that, I am very glad that I made this little splurge in Boots as I happened to take home with me three of the best lipsticks I have ever tried from the drugstore - purchase justified!

The inner hoarder within me got such a little burst of happiness when I first saw these three little lipsticks lined up together with their very cute packaging - unlike some drugstore brands, these look a lot more high end and fancy (and make a good insta post too..) Bourjois have also picked some pretty good colours to have in their range today with a mixture of both bolds like 'hot pepper' and nudes including the aptly named 'don't pink of it!' and 'so hap'pink!' so there's certainly lots to choose from. The rouge velvets come with a nice applicator sponge-tip style thing (what are those actually called?!) which is a good shape for getting a neat finish which when you're applying a bold shade like hot pepper, it's pretty important - we don't want any lipstick on tooth incidents!

All three of the shades that I have are well pigmented and from my in-store swatches, there don'tseem to be any dud shades that aren't very opaque. This means that you don't have to apply a really thick, goopy layer to your lips to try and keep the colour on all day as only a thin layer is needed. Once you've got your lipstick on, the colour doesn't feel sticky or drying at all and once it's set, they don't really transfer heavily - so you can be sipping your tea with no worries! This is one thing i love about this range, don't you just hate those lipsticks and glosses that you can just feel on your lips all day, no thank you!

What i think is the best thing about Bourjois' matte lip offerings is their wear time. What other brand does a bright red lip product that lasts almost all day? This lot aren't going anywhere and even if they do slightly wear off at the end of the day, they kind of leave a bit of a stain rather than an odd 90's lip liner gone wrong kind of look!

As well as loving the formula, I also am rather in love with the shades that I got. 'Hot Pepper' is an extremely bright poppy red that although it will take me a while to work up to rocking, is a really beautiful colour and would look fab with just a bit of mascara and lots of highlighter. 'Don't Pink of It! is a much more wearable colour and actually seems to completely match my natural lip colour which is kind of cool as it makes this the perfect colour for me when I want to look a little more polished without reaching for a bright lipstick. A more pinkier-toned version of don't pink of it is 'So Hap'Pink!' which is another one of those lip colours that you can almost imagine Kylie Jenner whipping out of her makeup bag.

It's not often you find a lipstick range offering that I love as much as I do with this Bourjois range - the colour range, the lasting power, the formula - it just works! Next time this range are on offer, I will most certainly be stocking up on more shades.. did someone say 3 for 2?

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  1. I adore these, definitely my favourite drugstore lipsticks.

    Sara - She Who Is Short

    1. They are so lovely! Will definitely be picking up more colours x